What is a game jam?

It’s a chance to make games! Game jams are all about coming together to design and build board and digital games based on a central idea or sometimes a theme in a super short amount of time. In this one, you’ll have about two whole days (including sleep) to go all the way from idea to whatever you can hack together in time.

Who should come to Koia?

Koia is meant for anyone with an interest in making positive social change through making games and playful things. Even if you’ve never made a game before or don’t have any game dev skills. You could join a group and find out you’re good at something and never knew it. Or maybe you just want to keep an eye on what people are doing and come back next year after doing a few game dev tutorials.

We hope that Koia is a way for new gamedevs or people who are interested in starting their gamedev journey to get inspired and feel like they are a part of a bigger community. For this reason Koia will always be free.

How it works

Koia is online only so once you register the majority of your communications and information will come through the Koia Discord channel.

Then when the event starts, we'll all have one weekend to make a game. You don't have to start from scratch if you don't want to. Besides a, "just-for-fun" voting system, there are no prizes, so feel free to work on that pet project you've been dying to work on in a communal setting - as long as you are working on something in the spirit of the Koia values.

You can sign up to the jam with a team of friends you already know, or sign up by yourself and join up with people through the Discord channel before the event starts. You can even go solo if you want. You can even do a little bit of everything - there's no reason you can't work on more than one project.

Game Jam Rules

  • • Applicants may be individuals, or teams, with no size limit.
  • • Game Jam participation is R18 this year, all participants must be at least 18 years old
  • • Games must be submitted by 7pm Sunday 27th November (NZDT)
  • • Games submitted as part of Koia will be shared with the public and the game designers behind them promoted as participants in the event. Koia is not a cash prize competition, it intentionally promotes game design for the sake of creativity, professional development, and trying out new ideas in the interests of improving our local communities.
  • • If any games or game designers break the code of conduct their entries may not be shared or promoted with the public.


NZGDA | Administration and Support
Xequals | Website Development and Project Management
Fountainhead Digital | Filming and Editing
Maia Wood (Utu Ā Matimati Collective) | Logo and Illustrations
Jimi Hills (KaeaMedia) | Cultural Consultation
Sami Habib (Pikpok) | Jam Lead
Jennifer Craig | Initiation of our Kaupapa
Synty Studios | Free 3D art assets
US Embassy Wellington | Sponsorship