It's a tiny game/web toy made for Koia Game Jam 2022.

It was my first experience with lua and with the Love2D game engine.

Open the MIRACULUM folder and run MIRACULUM.exe to play.

After that, everything should make sense. Or not!

You can see more of my weird work at https://zelle.zone/ if you want. Thanks.

#### sources

I used TangentFoxy's Markov chain generator implementation for generating my text: https://github.com/TangentFoxy/Markov

For OOP in Love2D I used 30log: https://github.com/Yonaba/30log

I grabbed a few datasets of text from the TweetEval github: https://github.com/cardiffnlp/tweeteval/tree/main/datasets

These were the training text from the "hate" and "offensive" Tweet categories (which are only potentially hateful/offensive, but many of them are). I removed a few hashtags, @user calls and censored especially egregious slurs that I didn't want in my game. I also changed references to Tweets and Twitter.

I also used the HappyDB dataset to try and "fix" hateful text. https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/ritresearch/happydb

For procedural sound effects I used sfxrlua. https://github.com/nucular/sfxrlua

I knew I wanted a bunch of silly sliders and buttons and things so I grabbed SUIT, the Simple User Interface Toolkit. https://github.com/vrld/SUIT

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Game Design and Programming by Zelle Marcovicci



GENUINELY fascinated by what the different UI buttons do since I couldn't really figure out what did what. Replicates what twitter comment sections on blue checkmark accounts look like almost perfectly, had to do a lot of fiddling and tweaking to produce posts that I would be comfortable showing to another human being. Great work!!


I also had a lot of trouble knowing what I was tweaking with each button. The text is long so sometimes I couldn't really tell what I had changed haha. Through it all though, I produced angry tweets without fail. Wonderful!