Clout Chaser

The world is glorious and weird. Wouldn't it be grand to explore and take it all in?

It's just a bit more gratifying to get likes on social media, you know? Especially with an app like Clout Chaser!!! The ultimate app for measuring your self-worth.

Your friend is waiting for you, and you need to walk over to meet them. Can you put your phone away long enough to get there?

Don't bump into anything on your way :)

  • A or Left Key to strafe left
  • D or Right Key to strafe right
  • Right Click or Space to bring up or put away phone
  • Left Click to collect likes
  • ESC to quit


Get the WebGL version or play the creators' other games, on

Game made for Koia Jam 2022

"How is it possible that we can all see the same things happen and yet have different, sometimes polarized, views on what they mean?"

What does this have to do with "toxic cyber culture and the spreading of misinformation"?

Elijah Lamont
Finn Mitchell-Anyon
Marco McGowan
Olivier Youhak Chrun