Cube Rush

Cube Rush is a simple puzzle game featuring Green and Purple cubes that move along, going about their day. They need to get to their respective portals, and only you can guide them there. However, they react to the same directions differently, and you have to create two separate paths, one for each of them to get them home!

Controls are simple, click on a button on the right side of the screen to select that Item, then you can place it upon one of the Pads in the main area by clicking on it. When a Cube moves over this pad, they will change directions. There's also a Portal Pad, setting up two of these will link them together, and if a cube touches one, they will teleport to the other. Each cube can only teleport once, however. And keep and eye out for Danger Pads, as any cube that touches one will cease to exist.

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Cameron de Reeper - Design, Programming & Art



I really liked the gameplay premise here! not being able to rotate the switches made a few levels pleasantly tricky too, could see this being expanded on in a bunch of fun ways. Great work!


Sweet puzzle game. Good call not ending a run on a destroyed cube haha, it took me a little while to get the hang of it but I cleared all the levels in the end.