its a game.

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Dev - Juniper
Assistance Art - Roxflame



This was neat! liked the spritework and the platforming was simple but effective. Double jump was a fun find, one thing I did puzzle at a bit at first is the transitions between rooms seem a bit strange, like the camera moves to the center or away from the doorway? Just made mapping out the space a bit tricky. Really liked this as a lil bite sized metroidvannia style thing, great work!

Thanks so much for the feedback. Yeah entrance's and exits ended up breaking the game inn the final 30 mins of the Jam! It is playable until the end(if you find the real cheese) Didn't consider how much of a hurdle that would be but glad you enjoyed the game!


Nice way to introduce players to the controls prgressively. Got to the double jump but it doesn't seem like I can grab the cheese. I like how the sprite flips to turn!

There is a level that has fake cheese that you were not suppose to come back to. There is another room with cheese to win the game. There were issues with mapping sorry about that thanks for your feedback!


This was so cute, and a lot of fun to play. The absolute sense of BETRAYAL I felt when I tried to grab the cheese and fell through the floor was especially entertaining, ahahaha. I did notice that the down arrow didn't seem to work for dropping through platforms even though the tutorial text said it would - S worked fine for that though. :)