KOIA 2022

Aotearoa's values and principles driven game-jam

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Welcome to Koia.

Introducing Koia

We all share this world.Astronaut holding a phone

How is it possible that we can all see the same things happen and yet have different, sometimes polarized, views on what they mean?

This world of narratives and manipulation, algorithms and agendas, clickbait, profits and other people - is a world we all share - but we don't always share the same worldview.

This is at the heart of Koia Jam.

The tension that exists between us all that can lead to cruelty and suffering is worth discussing. So let's discuss, through the creation of playful things.

Come together online over 48 hours to make something playful that explores the power of perspective and turn the chasm between us into a possibility space of positive change.


9am Tuesday 11 October

Registration opens

7pm Friday 25 November

Jam begins

7pm Sunday 27 Nov

Jam entries deadline



Our Kaupapa

TLDR - We love games, we love people, we love Aotearoa

Kaupapa means principles and ideas which act as a base or foundation for action. A kaupapa is a set of values, principles and plans which people have agreed on as a foundation for their actions. Koia is radical new idea for a Game Jam event: one where the games themselves are informed by exploring content, mechanics, and general game design through the lens of principles and values.

If you were to build a game that had to be not only fun, but also delve deep into issues that matter, what would you do? Is it possible to build a game that connects to important subject matter, but can still be entertaining, captivating and challenging? What role do games currently play, in communicating or exploring the values of our society?

So what values does Koia itself stand for, as a community of game developers who run an annual Game Jam?

  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Honest communication
  • Applying the benefit of the doubt
  • Being comfortable with disagreement
  • Transparency and openness
  • Fun, socially conducive environments
  • Willingness to self reflect and learn

US Embassy logo

Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Wellington

Bullying and the spreading of disinformation are global challenges, including in the gaming world.
These are some of the biggest obstacles to being online nowadays in both New Zealand and the United States.

We are proud to partner with NZGDA for KoiaJam 2022 to spread a message of positivity and inclusion online.

Let’s play games and have fun together.