FortunANT is a roll and write, print and playable game best with 1 to 5 players (you can have more than 99 people simultaneously playing). You play as a tiny ant colony building and expanding at a fast pace while also weathering hazards which fall upon the colony. With the help of the Fortune TellANT you might just have a miracle on your side ;)

The goal of the game is to strategically use the same dice rolls all players share to build out your colony, and finish with the most points. The game ends when any players obtain at 3 stars through completing different goals. The round wraps up and scores are tallied. Which colony will come out on top?


The aim of creating this game is to show that despite everyone getting the same dice in the game, we each play out a completely different game. 

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Jonathan Caridia
Minami Yoshida
Chris Wang